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  • Digital Integration Specialist (DIS) Information

    Yep pardon the pun this is my DIS Information post!!! First… we have this is a noise monitor for your classroom. A fun way to let the kids know visually and with sound that they are getting a bit loud and need to quiet down.. Second … Google sheets now has a timeline feature.!!!!! […]

  • Digital Integration Specialist (DIS) Information – Ed Tech VR

    I would like to share with you some of my experience with VR in education. First finding the right software to work with has been a challenge. I have settled on Vizard from It runs on Python which fits nicely into my curriculum. You can see my course here on YouTube under the Code […]

  • Location Based Social Networking 10/31/2014

    I usually write about technology tools you should try in your classroom and explore with your students.  Today I am writing about a tool you should beware. Yik Yak is a location based anonymous social comment phone app. It allows you to post and see the posts of people near your location.  Recently it has […]

  • Socrative Data Mining using Google Sheets 10/3/2014

    I thought this might be a useful bit of information to post.  As part of my effective educator evaluation process in Pennsylvania I created a spreadsheet to data mine Socrative Quick Questions.  When you create a socrative quick question and finish it you are given the option of downloading an Excel sheet or saving it […]

  • Live Blogging from the PA MontBucks Unconference 5/22/2014

    Hello all!  I a live at the PA MontBucks Unconference.  We are here to discuss educational technology issues in PA.  If you don’t know what an unconference is here is the 411.  I plan to be updating this all day as I learn from my fellow teachers.  Follow us on twitter with #montbucks. We are using OneNote as […]

  • Web App Builders 05/5/2014

    I ask myself and others the question “How can we get our students to become produces?”  It was just recently published that we will have a space elevator in 10 years.  We are on the verge of major advances in all fields of science and technology.  It is imperative that our students move from consumers […]

  • Teaching with Technology Thoughts 2/26/2014

    I began my teaching career in 1995. Over the past 18 years, I have integrated information technology into my instructional process and curriculum development. I have accomplished this by looking for technology that improved student learning and made me a more effective teacher. My guiding question when evaluating technology has been “What technology will help […]

  • CrazyTalk 1/24/2014

    In the world today of video teaching I have often found it difficult to deal with my face out there on the computer screens of thousands of people.  I have made videos of just screen shares and my voice in the background, but sometimes there is a lot of static screen and just my voice […]

  • Summary of The Hour of Code 12/17/2013

    WOW is my first response to our celebration of Computer Science Education Week.  We kicked things off Monday with a short version of the “Hour of Code” Video.  Tuesday we had a snow day so with some scheduling adjustments we picked up on Wednesday with our school wide participation in the coding tutorials found on  […]

  • What does a software company look like? 12/4/2013

    Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit AWeber.  They are going to take part in our Hour of Code events next week.  They have helped us organize several technology companies to come to our school district.  These companies will demonstrate what they do and the paths that lead to employment in a technology company.  One of the goals […]